ITERATION MOBILE S.L (hereinafter, "ITERATION"), Spanish company with CIF B84651900 and domiciled for tax purposes at Calle Valparaiso Nº2, 3ª Planta, Oficina 1, 28944, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, is the owner of this application Stop Tabaco Mobile Trainer (hereinafter, "the application").

This application is based on the AIRE programme developed by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Its purpose is to offer resources and help for the user, when desired, can stop or reduce smoking.


The application and all its contents, including but not limited to texts, photographs, graphics, audio and video material, software, logos, titles, characters, names and icons are the property of ITERATION or, where appropriate, of its licensees. The total or partial copying and reproduction of the contents are strictly prohibited, as is the processing of inverse engineering using any of the contents used by the application.


At ITERATION we care about your privacy. This privacy policy aims to help you to understand what information we gather, why we gather and how you can manage your information.

In this Privacy Policy, the term "personal information" refers to the information you provide to us that personally identifies you, such as your name, device identifier, email address or your location.


Information on the use of the Application

When installing the application on your device, the application gathers ANONYMOUS information regarding its ue and information of the device on which it is installed. For example, frequency of use of the application, usage time, type and model of the device, unique identifiers, language, version of the operating system, use of the battery and IP address. We also gather ANONYMOUS information regarding fault reports and performance.

All the informaton gathered is used to maintain and improve the quality of the service provided. Thanks to this information, ITERATION can offer a customised service, make improvements to the application and resolve operating errors. We also use your information to communicate with you by sending messages containing information relating to updates, promotions or new related to the application.

Under no circumstance will we sell the data gathered, neither will we share it with third parties, unless required by law.

ITERATION uses the following third-party software for gathering usage information:

Services provided by Google Inc.:

For further informaton, please check the Google privacy policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy

Services provided by other companies:

Information you share with us

Information that you voluntarily share with us, such as your email address, age, gender, user name or any information about your profile that we can use to offer you a more personalized experience. We use your data to send you news, statistics and additional information related to our services.

We may also use the email address you have given us (subject to the provisions of current law) to send you promotions and marketing campaigns. If you do not wish to receive any more notifications, please click on the corresponding link in the email messages or write to us at support@iteration-mobile.com. We will not share your contact information with any third parties.

Integration with Apple HealthKit (iOS)

For the purpose of displaying and analysing your heart rate, the application may read this information from the HealthKit database on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

In addition, the application may write data in the Apple HealthKit database with the information relating to your heart rate. The application cannot read or write HealthKit data unless you specifically grant permissions for this to be carried out from the application.

The data read from the Apple HealthKit database are used for performing calculations related to the user's heart rate and for presenting said data in the application. This data will not be published or shared by the application under any circumstance. Said data may be stored locally in the internal storate memory of the application. The protection of the data stored on your iPhone and Apple Watch within the application is solely your responsibility. Please, read the device's documentation on how to manage local storage and how to apply appropriate security controls for your device in order to protect said information.

Under no circumstance will the application be liable for the protection of the data and information stored on the Apple HealthKit database. We heartily recommend you read the applicable Apple policies and procedures before synchronising and backing up your Apple HealthKit data.

Ranking of ex-smokers

When you notify via the application that you have quit smoking using our programme, your nick, country of origin and the duration of your programme is sent to our servers for its storage in our database. Said information is used for showing the users of the application and website the ranking of ex-smokers, as well as for calculating internal statistics.


The application may use publicity to provide the service free of charge. When using the application, your device automatically sends certain information to our advertising partners. This information includes, for example, the name of the application, the type of device and the advertising ID.

The application and our associates may compile and process personal data such as the identifier of your device, location data and other demographic or relevant information in order to offer you customised adverts. If you are a user located within the European Union, you may chose between using the application with customised adverts or non-customised adverts by accessing the "Privacy" option in the application setting.

We may also receive information in an ANONYMOUS manner regarding how our users interact with our adverts.

Below is the list of advertising partners with which we work for showing adverts:

The application may incorporate integrated purchases for removing adverts.


The application may use cookies and similar technologies. Cookies a small text files that are stored on your device. The application may use cookies for a range of different purposes such as to avoid the need to insert access information or gather statistical information. The user may choose to configure his/her web browser to reject cookies or to warn the user when cookies are sent.


GDPR European Union Requirements

We regularly review our privacy policy and we ensure that the processing of your information meets said policy. The GDPR is the new EU regulation for protecting the privacy of its citizens. As a user of the application, you hav certain rights regarding how "personal information" is processed. These rights are described below:

You may submit any of the requests described above by contacting us: support@iteration-mobile.com


We may change this privacy policy from time to time by publishing the most recent privacy policy and its duration date on our website. In the event of substantially modifying this privacy policy, we may inform of said changes by means of a specific warning in our applications, on our websites, by email or by means of a notification.


Without prejudice of the legal obligations arising from the application of the Spanish and European regulations, this application is provided without any kind of express or implicit guarantee regarding its quality, reliabilty, compatibility, security, performance, purpose, precision or accurateness and non-breach of the rights or legal compliances that may arise for its use regardless of the reason causing the same.

Use of this application implies that:


You may cancel the services of this application at any time by uninstalling the application from your device.


If you have any question regarding the terms of use or the privacy policy, you may contact us by: support@iteration-mobile.com

Latest update: 25 March 2020